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FoodT (Food Trainer) is a Food App developed by a team from Exeter and Cardiff Universities to inhibit users from responding to foods or drinks ‘that they would like to consume less of’

FoodT App Review :: How it works?

  • Users are asked a series of questions such as Age, Height, Weight, diet, resistance to eat etc. etc. to understand the change in behavior to eat/drink before and after this training. After a month, users are again asked these questions to measure changes in variability

foodt app review


  • Users then play a game wherein Food, Drinks and non-food items such as Stationary Items are shown and users have to tap when the item has green boundary and withhold when there is a red boundary on the item

The inclusion of non-food pictures is to make the game a little less predictable. Including these kinds of pictures actually helps the brain to learn the unhealthy food = stop associations

FoodT Review

Better the FoodT score you get, more is your resistance power towards unhealthy foods

FoodT App Review :: Features

  • FoodT App users can schedule reminders to get reminded of going through this brain training exercise

Developers suggest to play FoodT when you are alone, in a quiet environment, and before a meal to maximize its effects

  • Includes documentation about the App, Rules and Customization
  • Users can choose up to three categories of unhealthy food for personalized content during the game
  • FoodT App also provides Stats and Analysis with Scores, Speed, Accuracy, Usage to help users monitor their progress towards achieving their Diet goals

foodt app review

Other Notable Points:

  • FoodT App is based on a trial which involved 83 adults who completed 4 sessions of food training (or a non-food control training) online. According to developers, After one week, participants had lost an average of 0.7 kg and consumed 220 kcal less a day

Final Thoughts:

FoodT is a brain training Food App that aims to reduce your weight by reducing your craving for unhealthy foods such as junk or alcohol.

Dr. Natalia Lawrence, a cognitive neuroscientist with a background in experimental psychology, behavioral neuroscience and clinical research said “It’s a tool to help people make healthier choices. In an age where unhealthy food is so abundant and easily available and obesity is a growing health crisis, we need to design innovative ways to support people to live more healthily. We are optimistic that the way this app is devised will actually encourage people to opt for healthy food such as fruit and vegetables rather than junk food.”

As interesting an idea it seems, it would be even more interesting to understand its impact

Moftare Rating: 4/5

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