Yahoo Newsroom

Yahoo Newsroom Key Facts

Rebranding Date – 4th October 2016

App Type – News

Yahoo Newsroom


A catalog of stories (they call it ‘Vibes‘) with options to react (message/like) and share thoughts (post your own story or comment on other stories)

  • Plethora of news categories from various sources (Business Insider, CNBC, Good Morning America etc.)

Yahoo Newsroom Categories

  • Recommends news (they call it ‘My Feeds‘) based on selected categories and app usage
  • Sleek User Interface
  • Message (they call it ‘react’)/like stories to interact with other users
    • Includes an option to add GIF to express emotions along with text while reacting to news/stories

Yahoo Newsroom GIF

  • Users can post their thoughts on stories or create their own story with recommended categories (provides a search ability to categorize thoughts based on relevant existent Vibes)
  • Push Notifications on recommended stories
  • There are too many categories; there is a search option, but inclusion of sub-categories would help users relate better
  • Users may face some network lags
  • Includes sponsored ads; these advertisements do not have a distinguished visualization and users may confuse these ads with their feeds

Yahoo Newsroom ads

  • Users cannot have their own avatar (image). The First letter of your name is used as your avatar when you interact with other users on stories

Yahoo Newsroom avatar 

  • Not supported Globally


Yahoo has made significant updates in re-branding the app to make it more interactive, user-friendly and personalized (manages feeds based on usage behavior)

I see this as Reddit for the masses

-Yahoo’s senior Vice President of Publishing Products, Simon Khalaf, told Mashable

Although the App has some scope of improvements and we may see those in upcoming updates, this is still a good re-invent nonetheless.

Moftare Stars: 3.75/5