Google Allo

Google Allo Key Facts

Launch Date

9th September 2016

Google Allo (App Type)

Google Allo App Type


A communication app which allows users to send messages to users and groups


  • Send messages, pictures, videos, location
  • Includes Google Assistant for Chat, Quiz, Games, Weather, News, Restaurant details etc.


  • Private (Incognito) & Group Chat Mode - Incognito mode allows users to chat privately with encryption that enables chat to be only seen by the sender and recipient but the data is stored on users device which is different from incognito in Chrome (browsing data is not stored)

Google Allo

  • Sticker packs for sharing emoticons

What it lacks:

Google has come up with its own version of Somewhat WhatsApp, but it needs to go a long way to compete with WhatsApp.

  • Although it assists users with useful information such as restaurants, movie timings etc, Users cannot share documents, audio, contacts
  • Limited flexibility in configuring privacy, network and account settings at the moment
  • Incognito in Allo is different from Incognito in Chrome. This may mislead users

With concerns around being still in Beta mode and users/experts reported the App as not a polished version, We can expect significant updates in Google Allo

Moftare Rating: 3/5