Prioritize Your Gmail

We all receive so many emails every day and it becomes a hassle to manage our Gmail account. 

Usually, users label, archive or filter to organize their emails, but with this trick you can manage emails by prioritizing and categorizing them into groups.

By default, Gmail categorizes emails into three main categories  – Primary, Promotion, and Social. But, what if we want to categorize emails based on priority? meaning emails that are important to us should appear first followed by starred emails and then other emails.

We are talking about a view like this:

Prioritize Your Gmail

How can we achieve this view?

Step 1:

Go to settings and move to the ‘Inbox‘ tab

Under the section – ‘Inbox type‘, click the down arrow and select Important first

Prioritize Your Gmail

Step 2:

Under the section – ‘Inbox section‘, select ‘Customize in Priority Inbox

Prioritize Your Gmail

Step 3:

In the second section, select the ‘Add section‘ option and select ‘Starred

Prioritize Your Gmail

Step 4:

Add ‘Unread‘ section by selecting ‘Unread’ from the ‘Add section’ drop down

Prioritize Your Gmail

This will help you organize your emails better and also prioritize!